Jess is a person.

She writes sometimes.

Some of her words are even published

I know. I’m shocked too tbh.


No, seriously. Jess is so lonely.

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Lab R Inc

A retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur.

“There was a vague sense, a whisper, that something else was waiting.
That she was not the huntress.
But the hunted.”

When a group of Thea’s people, including her best friend, are stolen in the night, she sneaks across enemy lines in pursuit. A person of magic, she finds herself doomed to fail in their unfamiliar technological world. She is determined but desperate, armed only with a spool of thread and a single mantra:
Sacrifice is survival.

speaking of…

The HEROES Anthology

When adversity strikes, we call upon heroes to save the day.

Remaining true to their origins, this collection features 14 reimagined sagas of courage, strength, ingenuity, and most importantly, hope.

You may know their stories…

But not told like this.

Featuring Works By:

Cover of the Heroes anthology

“These are not the characters they taught you in history class. These are completely reimagined and beautifully retold characters whom you’ve yet to meet.” Veronica S., author

Grab your copy:

An award nominated short story:


“Nameless. Forgotten. Unmarked. No one would opt for those titles if they weren’t true.”

A “romantic” story about that awkward moment when:

  • You don’t have a name
  • You meet someone hot and annoying who also has no name
  • You ride across the desert together in search of names
  • You definitely don’t fall for each other. Nope. Not at all. That would only end in heartbreak—right?

“You make an excellent little spoon,” he said into my hair.
“Shut up.”


Sometimes, there is no happily ever after.

In this anthology, talented writers craft 10 diverse tales of heartbreak and failed love.

Tragic, absurd, beautiful, and sometimes horrific, these stories of fizzling romance explore what it means to be ‘Not Meant for Each Other.’

Featuring Stories by:

  • LT Ward
  • Harry F. Rey
  • Priscilla M. Goins
  • Scotty Milder
  • Jess L. Tong
  • Stephen Howard
  • Jamie Perrault
  • J.F. Capps
  • Joseph Anderson
  • K.A. Warhurst

Get your copy:

Nice words about NOT MEANT FOR EACH OTHER:

“This collection stole my heart (and then promptly broke it)”

– Goodreads review

Nice words about Nameless:

“You made me feel heart things. I hate you.”

@ShannonBWrites, author

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I can’t believe you scrolled all the way to the bottom. I’m touched. Truly.

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About Jess L. Tong

Jess’s first-ever short story “Nameless,” was published in Lost Boy’s Press’s Spring 2021 Anthology Not Meant For Each Other. “Lab R Inc” in Heroes (Spring, 2022) is her second story.

She is a skilled procrastinator and an aspiring novelist. These two things go together like milk and Jess’s lactose-intolerant bowels.

When not writing, she can be found in her beautiful home of BC, Canada, petting dogs, snuggling cats, drinking wine, playing on mountaintops or falling down mountaintops.

Jess invites you on a journey to follow her to strange, fantastical, and heartfelt places. You can read her stories too. Find Jess on Twitter @jessltwrites.

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